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GENERAL RULE: We respect our legal obligation to keep health information that identifies you private. We are obligated by law to give you notice of our privacy practices.

USES OR DISCLOSURES WITH CONSENT: We will ask you to sign a consent form allowing us to use and disclose your health information for purposes of treatment, payment, and health care operations of this office. We are allowed to refuse to treat you if you do not sign the consent form.

USES OR DISCLOSURES WITHOUT CONSENT: In some limited situations, the law allows or requires us to use or disclose your health information without your permission. Not all of these situations will apply to us; some may never come up at all. Such uses or disclosures are:

1) when a state or federal law mandates that certain health information be reported for a specific purpose;

2) for public health purposes, such as contagious disease reporting, investigation or surveillance, and notices to and from the Food and Drug Administration regarding drugs or medical devices;

3) disclosures to governmental authorities about victims of suspected abuse, neglect or domestic violence;

4) uses and disclosures for health oversight activities, such as for the licensing of doctors; for audits by Medicare or Medicaid; or for investigation of possible violations of health care laws;

5)disclosures for judicial and administrative proceedings, such as in response to subpoenas or orders of courts or administrative agencies;

6) disclosures for law enforcement purposes, such as to provide information about someone who is or is suspected to be a victim of a crime; to provide information about a crime at our office; or to report a crime that happened somewhere else;

7) disclosure to a medical examiner to identify a dead person or to determine the cause of death; or to funeral director to aid in a burial; or to organizations that handle organ or tissue donations;

8) for health related research;

9) to prevent a serious threat to health or safety;

10) disclosures to worker's compensation programs;

11) disclosures to business associates who perform health care operations for us and who agreed to keep your health information private.

For a copy of our HIPAA policy, please contact our office.

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