Vision Therapy in North Dakota

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Redefining Visual Correction & Care

Professional Eyecare Centers works hard to redefine vision care through our highly personalized vision therapy program. As part of our commitment to your personal visual well-being, each therapy session is conducted on a one-on-one basis under doctor supervision. 

By combining in-office and at-home exercises, our vision therapy program adapts progressively to help enhance individual visual skills—and it can be tailored to the needs of kids and adults. 

Join us on a journey toward strengthening your vision. Book an appointment with us today.

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Benefits of Vision Therapy

Vision therapy at Professional Eyecare Centers is based on a transformative approach to helping enhance visual acuity and improve important visual skills. As part of our programs for kids and adults, we focus on enhancing skills like eye tracking, honing focusing abilities, and developing better depth perception.

Our Vision Therapy Methods

Whether you are dealing with eye strain, focusing difficulties, or other visual challenges, our vision therapy is designed to help optimize your visual capabilities and foster a clearer and more efficient way of seeing. We do this through the application and practice of a wide variety of methods.

Your personal program may include one or more of the methods we offer based on the challenges you’re experiencing and your goals for vision therapy. The methods we use and recommend may change over time based on your personal progress. 

Therapeutic Lenses

Therapeutic lenses are a cornerstone of many vision therapy programs. These specialized lenses can address specific visual challenges and help provide targeted support for various visual conditions.

Prisms in vision therapy can help correct visual misalignments, fostering improved binocular vision abilities and enhancing eye coordination. Prisms can be particularly effective for individuals dealing with eye-teaming issues.

Filters are employed to modify and enhance specific visual information, refining visual perception and addressing challenges such as light sensitivity.

Occluders or patches are used during therapy to cover one eye, encouraging the use of the weaker eye and helping promote visual development. This technique can be especially beneficial for individuals with amblyopia (lazy eye).

Our vision therapy programs can integrate innovative electronic targets with precise timing mechanics. This dynamic approach can challenge and enhance various visual skills, offering a comprehensive and engaging approach to training your eyes and strengthening your vision.

Balance boards are used in vision therapy to engage multiple sensory systems, helping foster improved coordination and enhanced visual-motor skills. This method can be particularly valuable for those dealing with visual and vestibular integration challenges.

Our arsenal includes a range of specialized tools designed for unique vision therapy activities, each addressing specific aspects of visual development. These tools can add a layer of customization to your therapy sessions, offering targeted interventions for your individual needs.

A Tailored Approach for Individual Success

Every vision therapy session we provide is a carefully curated combination of methods, providing a comprehensive and targeted approach to vision improvement tailored to your unique requirements.

You can elevate your visual experience with Professional Eyecare Centers. Schedule a consultation today and embark on a journey towards improved visual acuity, enhanced visual skills, and long-term visual health and wellness.

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  • 210 10th Street SE
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